Lacrosse Videos

Coming Soon! Videos are in production now!

Until I get my videos edited here are a couple of fun videos to watch.

Video Highlight Reels: Madison & Yorktown (4/30/2019) - Here are a couple of highlight videos from my Spring 2019 Langley Saxons season. Please excuse the video quality the parents are doing the best they can. 4/24/19 – Langley Saxons, McLean, VA vs. James Madison Warhawks, Vienna, VA (11-8 win) Madison is one of the best teams in Virginia. They are very physical with …
Interceptions & Outlet Pass Video (1/17/2019) - This short video shows how I take calculated risks on defense while communicating with my team. The result is more interceptions and faster clears.
Stick Tricks & BTB Bounce Back Practice (3/24/2018) - Practicing stick tricks and behind the back passing against the bounce back. March 2018.
Taking Brave Heart as 4th Grader at Fall Lax (9/29/2013) - This is a funny and goofy video of me taking a brave heart back in 2013 when I was in 4th grade and only 10 years old. I've taken plenty of Brave Hearts but this is the only one on video.